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Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan

Chicken meat production is one of the agriculture sectors that operate under a supply managed system. The management of production in Saskatchewan is carried on through a quota system; control of the quota is the responsibility of a board of elected producer directors of a provincial organization called Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan (CFS). This body sets provincial policy and negotiates at the national level to determine production levels for Canada as well as Saskatchewan's share of Canadian chicken production. The national market requirement is determined by the national body, Chicken Farmers of Canada. Saskatchewan's ninety-eight licensed operators produced about 41,370,000 kg of chicken over 6.7 production cycles in 2003, at an average price of $1.23 per kg. Chicken meat production takes place in large open barns where the birds have access to feed and water lines running the length of the building. Approximately two-thirds of the farms are within an 80 km radius of Saskatoon; the remainder are situated close to Wynyard.

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