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Saskatchewan Mining Association Inc.

The Saskatchewan Mining Association Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation owned by the mining companies active in the province. Its roots date back to 1964, when the organization was known as the Saskatchewan Chamber of Mines, headquartered in Prince Albert. At this time its main focus was the exploration and development activity occurring in the Saskatchewan shield. In 1965, probably triggered by the growth of the potash industry, the organization adopted a more province-wide mandate, changing its name to the Saskatchewan Mining Association; its headquarters were moved to Regina. The Association's main objectives are to inform and advise members of existing laws, regulations and policies affecting the mining industry. It also makes representations to the various federal and provincial agencies involved in the regulatory and licensing processes that affect this industry. The Association aims to enhance the general welfare of the mining industry through the support and promotion of technical innovations in the fields of health and safety standards, waste disposal, environmental protection, and extractive metallurgy research and development. It promotes a co-operative approach within the industry to support socio-economic development, especially in areas of the province that are affected. This includes recruitment and training of workers, and promotion of Saskatchewan service industries in support of mineral development. In addition, the Association undertakes public education aimed at enhancing the well-being of the industry in the province.

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